Our design includes a Hybrid state of the art Medical Simulation designs, utilizing multi-platform technologies so you are not limited to only one vendor products.

Our Hybrid design enable your centre to support CAE Healthcare, Laerdal Medical, Gaumard and other industry simulation equipment. 

This is unique to BrainNet Consulting approach to its design.


Each Simulation Centre and Academic facility AV requirement is different, BrainNet team will work with you to help you identify the needs and provide you with right information so you could make the best informed decision.

Once you made your decision BrainNet team will provide you with the design that provide you and your learners the best experience.  

We are confident that our specialized team could deliver the best  design for your institution.


Simulation and medical equipment are important factors in delivering the curriculum. Choosing the correct equipment and manufacturer is critical. Years of our experiences with the industry will allow us to help our clients identify the right simulation and medical equipment to meet their educational needs.

Our simulation and medical equipment services include:

  • Developing of medical and simulation equipment doc 

  • Development of specifications for RFPs

  • Sourcing equipment

  • RFPs evaluation

  • Developing of Equipment comparisons

  • General equipment consultation

  • Commissioning of the simulators and equipment 


Areas where BrainNet’s consultants can offer insight include: ​

  • Provide Hybrid state of the art Medical Simulation designs, utilizing multi-platform recommendations.

  • Unbiased recommendations regarding potential solutions.

  • Utilization of multiple vendors helps our designs meet the institutional requirements allowing us to recommend an appropriate design that is both cost effective and pragmatic.

  • Design & Implement various Telemedicine technology enabled systems including Video Conferencing, remote teaching & patient consultancy.

  • Recommend various Operational & Administrative processes for supporting technology enabled systems.

  • Recommendations for Day to Day operational support models for Video Conferencing Network, Simulation, Debriefing systems & Simulation IT challenges.

  • Scheduling / Booking tools

  • Change Management proposals

  • Future technology assessment tools

BrainNet will participate in and advise on Systems Implementation and Operational support in the fields of Academic Video Conferencing, Medical Simulation Technologies and IT requirements.